When your customer wants a lot of power, the EF7200E is a logical choice.  The EF7200E provides serious full time power and offers 11 hours of operation without refueling, has an electric starter for hassle-free start-ups and is capable of running most homes in an emergency situation (including taking on heavy load items such fridges and air conditioners).  It’s also the perfect choice for any tradesman with enough power to take on almost any job.

  • Digital multi-function metre display. Displays cumulative running time (hours) and voltage.
  • Large-capacity fuel tank.
  • High-strength frame.
  • Compact body – battery mounted inside frame.
  • Wax pellet type automatic choke.
  • Economy Idle switch.
  • Brushless alternator.
  • AVR voltage regulator.
  • Auto decompression — Automatically “opens” exhaust valve slightly to reduce initial back pressure when starting making manual starting effortless.
  • Electric starter.
  • Non-fused circuit breaker system.
  • Fuel gauge.
  • Automatic oil warning system shuts off engine before oil level is low — Prevents engine damage, avoids costly repairs, minimizes down time, enhances long term durability.
  • Noise level suppressor.
  • Cast iron cylinder lining — Optimal heat dissipation.
  • Transistor Controlled Ignition (T.C.I.) — Provides clean, efficient spark that ensures fast, easy starting. Low maintenance, reliable operation.
Engine Type OHV Forced Air Cooled – MZ360
Displacement 357.0 cc
Starter System Recoil/Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 28.0 L
Operating Hours 11 hr (rated load) Hr
Noise Level 71 dBA (@ 7m) dba @ 7m
Length 670 mm
Width 535 mm
Height 565 mm
Dry Weight 93 kg
Generator Type Brushless exciter with A.V.R, synchronous AC generator / single phase
Rated Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Output 5.5 kVA
Max. Output 6.0 kVA

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